Founded by Dominican/American artist Charo Oquet, in 2003, Edge Zones opens its doors at 2214 North Miami Ave., Wynwood.  It was the second year that Basel Miami Beach came to Miami it was all very exciting and fresh, this was very much the beginning of what we know today as the Wynwood Arts District.  There were only a handful of established galleries: Locus Projects, Bernice Steinbaum, Dorsch to name a few.  Wynwood was sometimes scary, but at the same time wide open with lots of wonderful large and reasonably priced warehouse spaces for rent and artists studios dotting the neighborhood.  We came to be there because I had my studio in a 25,000 Sq ft building that was for sale. I convinced the owners to allow me to start to do exhibitions beginning December, Basel/Miami Beach 2003 with the idea of activating the building and helping its sale.  In 2004 we incorporated and became a 501-c3 artists run non-profit organization. We developed a comprehensive approach to arts and cultural experience reaching across racial, ethnic, generational and economic divides by design.

During our time at the 2214 site we never had a lease therefore, the organization was created with the idea that Edge Zones would never been about a building nor a space, it would be about ideas, people, about projects which, can be articulated anywhere we saw fit.

EZ emphasize diversity as content and subject matter in exhibitions and programs exposing a spectrum of individuals, to celebrate and enhance understanding of a changing world.

After five very productive years and development, in 2008 its owners sold the 2214 site and we were lucky to find another location near by right away.  Our next space was 47 NE 25th St. also in Wynwood.  This new space, which was much smaller and manageable, was very nice and we had three very fruitful years. This December after much thought, we decided that the time has come to close our doors as a Gallery and studio space for the time being.   However, this does not mean we are closing our organization, nor our projects.  Edge Zones will continue to touch lives, affect positive changes and to activate new zones.  We feel that our time in Wynwood is finished and that we want to rethink our strategies and our resources in order to continue our development as a vital part of the Miami art and cultural community. 

After five years of being nomadic ,Edge Zones has a new permanent art space located on 3317 NW 7th Ave. Cir., Miami, FL 33127 in Allapattah  a traditional Dominican area in Miami. Our boundaries have  expanded and in accordance to our mission we continue as a forum for contemporary art and cultural exchange, dedicated to the strengthening of the contemporary art environment in Miami and the Caribbean.

As always, Edge Zones seeks to provide opportunities and resources for under recognized artists making contemporary art accessible, engaging and to create a focal point for international research and awareness.  We value the amazing diversity of creativity that artists provide and the importance of their activity in the social context of the city.

EZ provides a valuable platform for the broader dissemination of Florida and Latin and Caribbean culture. Edge Zones seeks to cement its relationship with insular Caribbean communities such as the Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Salvadorians and Haitians by weaving together the achievements of Caribbean/Americans with Caribbean/nationals.

Edge Zones continues to work closely with select artists to provide curatorial and logistical support to help them to develop their work from idea to final form. Through our curatorial program, we hope to challenge artists to work beyond the scope of their customary practice and to take risks, away from the marketplace, in a supportive environment.

We will keep everyone informed of our developments and our continual work with the arts in Miami. Please visit the website to be informed for future projects and view past projects which are archived on our website.

Thank you for your continuous support of Edge Zones and we wish everyone a productiveWe will keep everyone informed of our developments and our continual work with the arts in Miami.

For more information please contact:

Charo Oquet - Founding Director

Edge Zones

P.O. Box 398356

Miami Beach, Fl 33239

Tel.   305 303 8852



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New Location:  3317 NW 7th Ave. Circle, Miami, FL 33127